“Effects of Media Violence” now available

This week, we’ll be seeing two in-class presentations to get back on track with our class schedule:

Monday’s presentation on the “Effects of Media Violence” (Chapter 5) is now available and will be conducted by Renhao, Graham Choo, Hai Lee, Kenny Yeo, Roshni, and Hans. You may download the Powerpoint here (900kb).

Wednesday’s presentation on “Sexual Content in the Media” (Chapter 6) is now available. This will be conducted by Maria Paul, Li Rong, Mariani, Sangheetha, Andries, Graceilla, and Maria Monica. You may download the PDF here (as a 500kb six-panel handout)

Note the following for your class presentations:

  1. Make sure to submit your presentation at least one day ahead of your presentation day.
  2. I will be vetting the presentation beforehand and giving my initial review if it’s sent early enough.
  3. Late submissions are now inexcusable as I’ve already deferred the responsibility of printing handouts to your peers.

Good luck! šŸ™‚



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3 responses to ““Effects of Media Violence” now available

  1. Brendan

    The violence in the media is most likely one of the largest reasons why school violence and bullying is increasing in America. Mediators could definitely help change this. We need to make a change, so why not give this a go?

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