Updated Schedule for Presentation Groups

Since we had that library week before CNY, presentations will now be packed together until we get back on schedule. Note your group’s time as follows:

Feb 26th: Shamala Devi’s group (Marshall McLuhan)
Feb 28th: Carol Liu’s group (Uses and Gratification)
Mar 5th: COM242 Exam Review
Mar 12th: Renhao’s group (Effects of Media Violence)
Mar 14th: Maria Paul’s group (Sexual Content in the Media)

From here on we would be back on track with the class calendar…
The class calendar has been updated to reflect these changes.

I’ll expect to see your Powerpoint slides at least a day before you present, so I can put them online for your classmates to download and print.

Finally, do come to class early… lateness has been a real problem and action will be taken if this habit persists.



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3 responses to “Updated Schedule for Presentation Groups

  1. Hi Kevin,
    Sorry for asking so late, but i was wondering if you have the data cable to connect a macbook to the projector for presentation, since i am using a macbook and could i borrow it for the 242 presentation? Sorry to bother you once again. Please do let me know asap. Thanks.

  2. Kevin,
    One more thing, how should i post my slides on keynote, in downloads?

  3. theory

    Roshni, for urgent matter, contact me directly.

    1) I might have the cable, but as I’ve told some groups before, I cannot grant anything to any particular group otherwise it would be unfair to others. Part of the point of this exercise is to observe your independence in producing good work. Worse case scenario, use the lecturer’s PC in class.

    2) I’ve posted your group’s presentation in the downloads page.

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