Reflecting on Day One…

We had a quick class today, and here are a few things we will be doing on Wednesday…

  1. There were four handouts today:
    1. COM242 Class Syllabus
    2. Violent Video Games
    3. Rating Systems in the U.S.
    4. Goals and Characteristics of Science
  2. Read the Goals and Characteristics of Science for Wednesday’s class.
  3. I’ll be bringing in the Student Information Sheet (for those missing it).
  4. I’ll bring the presentation signup sheet (since you guys are so eager!).

For the group presentations, please note the following:

  • Week 5: Uses and Gratification will be available as a presentation topic (I’ve also updated the Class Calendar).
  • Eight presentation topics are available for about 60 students, thus there will be 7-8 members per group.
  • When the presentation sign-up sheet is made available in class, it’s first come first serve. Early bird get the worm!

If there are questions, ask in the comments.


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One response to “Reflecting on Day One…

  1. William Siew Jing Wen

    At lecture 1, the class covered an overview on what is expected of us in the module.

    Kevin elaborated on the issues of proper reasoning through a video clip Monthy Python & The Holy Grail, ie. the difference and impact of inductive and deductive reasoning, and asked for our responses on the topic of global warming.

    He aims to let us realise the importance of critical faculty in delivering media context, research and proclaims, which can be largely influenced and interrupted by the way it is presented.

    I am looking forward to better understand the effects of media effects and influences.

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