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Week 3: Scientific Methods in Media Effects Research

Your third week’s mission is now available:

  1. Having watched the in-class video, perused the handouts and read Chapter 2 of our Media Effects textbook, pick one of the four scientific methods (content analysis, survey, experiment, epidemiological approach) and briefly discuss an example of how you would use it. Post this as a comment in a 200 words or less, while using the textbook, readings and/or personal experience.

Deadline: 30st Jan, Tuesday, 11pm

Besides the textbook and the handouts, here are some related materials:



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Week 2: The scientific approach to today’s media…

Your second week’s mission is now available:

  1. Having watched the in-class videos and read Chapter 1 of our Media Effects textbook (as you were supposed to), explain why the scientific approach presented in the text is especially vital in today’s media landscape. Post this as a comment in a 200 words or more, referencing the textbook, readings and personal experience with the media (e.g. advertising, TV talk shows, blogging, etc).

Deadline: 23rd Jan, Tuesday, 11pm

Besides the textbook, here are related materials for this week’s class:


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Photo: Our First Day @ COM242

Effects of Mass Media @ SIM (Spring '07)

Here’s a roughly taken panorama of our first day at COM242. Also, make sure to submit your responses to our Wednesday class discussion by 5pm this Friday. Tell you classmates if they haven’t done so.

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Week 1: Update Info & Share Reactions

Your first week’s mission has been updated:

Part 1: Email your photo
Part 1: Update your Student Information Sheets
(Deadline: Next Week)

Some your submitted photos ended up in my enormous Gmail spam bin. Please assist me by taking your Student Information Sheet and doing the following :

  1. Glue a passport-size photo of yourself to the sheet’s top right corner.
  2. Indicate the classes you’re in with me (i.e. COM125a, COM125b, and/or COM242).
  3. Add your new COM125 blog address (if any).

Part 2: Share your reaction to the videos shown in class
(Deadline: 19th Jan, Friday, 5pm)

  1. Share what you’ve learnt from the in-class videos (shown in-class on 17th Jan) via the comments here (in about 100 words). Use your full student name so for now until I learn who you are.

Part 3: (Optional)

  1. Set up your profile on (if you haven’t done so)
  2. Join the COM242 facebook group which I’ve setup.


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What do you know about media effects?

We are going through the following “fun” material for today’s class, before we hit chapter 1 of the textbook next week:

Science before its day…
Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Witch Scene (video)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Witch Scene (transcript)
Discussing Logic: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Aliens and Mass Hysteria…
War of the Worlds (Radio)
War of the Worlds (Script)
Documentary: Who’s Out There (1975)

Think Like a Scientist
An Induction Fable by Kenny Felder (Copyright (c) 1996)


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Reflecting on Day One…

We had a quick class today, and here are a few things we will be doing on Wednesday…

  1. There were four handouts today:
    1. COM242 Class Syllabus
    2. Violent Video Games
    3. Rating Systems in the U.S.
    4. Goals and Characteristics of Science
  2. Read the Goals and Characteristics of Science for Wednesday’s class.
  3. I’ll be bringing in the Student Information Sheet (for those missing it).
  4. I’ll bring the presentation signup sheet (since you guys are so eager!).

For the group presentations, please note the following:

  • Week 5: Uses and Gratification will be available as a presentation topic (I’ve also updated the Class Calendar).
  • Eight presentation topics are available for about 60 students, thus there will be 7-8 members per group.
  • When the presentation sign-up sheet is made available in class, it’s first come first serve. Early bird get the worm!

If there are questions, ask in the comments.

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Welcome to COM242: Mass Media Effects

Welcome to the blog for COM242: Effects of Mass Media. I’ve put up the syllabus and class calendar. You’re advised to keep up with your readings in order to participate in class activities. Pop quizzes can occur at any time. Standby for further instructions.


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