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COM242 grades on UBlearns

Grading Student Blogs @ National Library - 1

Alright folks! Your grades for COM242 are now on UBlearns. The only things unaccounted for in your final grade is your final exam (30%), as well as your class participation (10%), which incorporates attendance and in-class activities.

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Responding to “The Agency”

The Agency

By the time you read this, you would have realized that we’re watching the premier episode of “The Agency” in class. Here’s the plug for this new reality TV series:

Infiltrating the modeling industry like no other television series has, “The Agency” takes a stark look at the men and women who search for, mold, scold and comfort raw, young beauties — all in an effort to groom the world’s most marketable people. The series is not just about glamour. It’s about the harsh realities of a business in which millions of dollars are at stake daily, and the competition for landing high-end models and campaigns can lead to both euphoric victories and bitter defeats.

Taking a rare look at client meetings, casting calls, and backstage at fashion shows, “The Agency” casts an unblinking eye on the super-high-stress jobs of the people who are completely hooked on the business of brokering beauty. It explores the complex, up-and-down relationships between the agents and their models–who are sometimes naïve, insecure, vulnerable women and men who must be parented and then delivered on time and looking fabulous to demanding clients.

Imagine that MITA (Ministry of Information and the Arts) has assigned you to determine the possible media effects of this show on our Singaporean youths. Using what you’ve learned in the past chapters, drop a professional response in the comments. Just as our ministers have no time for rhetorical reports, keep it short and sharp by pushing a primary theoretical concept which best represents the show.


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“Media that stirs emotions” now available

Week 10 // Chapter 7 / Media that stirs emotions (19th Mar 2007)

  •  COM242 Presentation by Jose Kasijo, Ang Wei Yang, Jane Killick, Melvin Fernandez, Shelwyn Neo, Sarah Lopez (PDF, 350kb)

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“Effects of Media Violence” now available

This week, we’ll be seeing two in-class presentations to get back on track with our class schedule:

Monday’s presentation on the “Effects of Media Violence” (Chapter 5) is now available and will be conducted by Renhao, Graham Choo, Hai Lee, Kenny Yeo, Roshni, and Hans. You may download the Powerpoint here (900kb).

Wednesday’s presentation on “Sexual Content in the Media” (Chapter 6) is now available. This will be conducted by Maria Paul, Li Rong, Mariani, Sangheetha, Andries, Graceilla, and Maria Monica. You may download the PDF here (as a 500kb six-panel handout)

Note the following for your class presentations:

  1. Make sure to submit your presentation at least one day ahead of your presentation day.
  2. I will be vetting the presentation beforehand and giving my initial review if it’s sent early enough.
  3. Late submissions are now inexcusable as I’ve already deferred the responsibility of printing handouts to your peers.

Good luck! 🙂


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COM242 Mid-Term Exam Review

The COM242 Mid-Term Exam format is as follows:

12 x True / False Questions
9 x Multiple-Choice Questions
9 x Matching Terms Questions

This exam is worth 20% of your final grade. Everything from the textbook chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 12 will be tested, including class discussions. Bring your textbook and handouts to class, as well as your questions.


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Updated Schedule for Presentation Groups

Since we had that library week before CNY, presentations will now be packed together until we get back on schedule. Note your group’s time as follows:

Feb 26th: Shamala Devi’s group (Marshall McLuhan)
Feb 28th: Carol Liu’s group (Uses and Gratification)
Mar 5th: COM242 Exam Review
Mar 12th: Renhao’s group (Effects of Media Violence)
Mar 14th: Maria Paul’s group (Sexual Content in the Media)

From here on we would be back on track with the class calendar…
The class calendar has been updated to reflect these changes.

I’ll expect to see your Powerpoint slides at least a day before you present, so I can put them online for your classmates to download and print.

Finally, do come to class early… lateness has been a real problem and action will be taken if this habit persists.


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